Confidence & Self-Empowerment Coaching

Do you want to feel more confident? Or feel more self-empowered and unstuck? Have you tried all the other stuff and feel like nothing is working?

Then you are in the right place.

I work with ambitious (and sometimes worn out and stressed people) who want to make lifelong lasting changes once and for all. I help them to build their confidence and self-empowerment with mindset shifts and actionable advice.

Lyndsey changed my life. I am now happier and healthier than I have been in a very long time.

Hayley S.

Lyndsey’s guidance helped me find clarity during a difficult decision. With her feedback and coaching, I was able to realize the right words and feel confident in saying them. The outcome was what I had hoped for and would not have been possible without Lyndsey.  

Andrea M.

Lyndsey has a great way of explaining concepts and life improvement tools that makes them easy to understand and implement. I noticed her approach to life has so many positive and healthy aspects. At the same time, I started to recognize what I was doing that didn’t lead to a happy, healthy and fulfilling life. Thank you so much for what you have done!

Linda M.

One thing I really appreciate in Lyndsey’s approach is that she did not push anything on me or tried to “fix” me.  She provided me with the right environment that opened up opportunities for me to evolve by myself. I started doing things that put me n the right track.

Dan C.

I now feel I have the tools, the motivation and “grit” to take my life into my own hands and evolve to the person I want to be. I can honestly say that Lyndsey changed my live. 

Megan S.

Some of these ideas can be very dry and technical, however, Lyndsey’s style is so refreshing and personal, that it makes it fun to dig deep into these subjects.

Andreas W.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who do you work with?

My ideal client is someone who is committed and wants to put in the work. I can give you the seeds but you need to plant and cultivate them.

Since confidence improves all areas of life, I’ve worked with a lot of unique and amazing people to hep them accomplish different goals.

From a day trader who wanted to work on reducing the psychological stress of his job, to a recent college grad looking to land their first 9-5, and an executive who was passed over for a promotion (it was so much fun turning that no into a yes!).

I’ve also worked with clients looking to lose weight and develop healthier eating habits and gain body positivity. And helped people pleasers who wanted to focus more on themselves—I love crushing the codependent mindset.

How does coaching work?

First we’ll do an intro call over zoom to discuss your goals and see if we’re a good fit. If we are a fit we’ll discuss and create a personalized plan for you. We can do weekly, bi-weekly or monthly calls. Each call is about an hour but I put a buffer in there for more time if we need it.

I am also available for some quick questions via my personal email. I understand budgets, so if you can only do a few calls, I am happy to work with you and I will provide resources for you to consult to help you in your specific problem area.

Will we meet in person?

We will meet over Zoom and I am available via email and/or calls if needed.

What experience do you have with confidence coaching?

I’ve been coaching people for over 5 years and have over a decade of experience in mindset and emotional training. I am a certified Master Mindset Coach with certifications in Cognitive Behavioral Technique (CBT), Confidence & Life Coaching, Rational Emotive Behavioral Technique (REBT), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP).

How are you different than other coaches?

I don’t know other coaches so I can’t comment per se. But I can tell you I don’t focus on being flashy or advertising. I get gritty, show you how to have resiliency and help you improve your life for the long term.

I don’t know exactly where you are or how you’re feeling but I can relate to feeling like everything is hopeless. Wanting to feel better but not knowing where to begin.

How is coaching different than therapy?

I am not a licensed therapist and I don’t want to be. They have a tough job! Coaches focus on the now and the future. They give you techniques and help with your current mindset so you can overcome obstacles and get unstuck. Therapy is where you focus on the past and working through past traumas and experiences that are still affecting you today.

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