Importance of Self-control in Building Emotional Intelligence


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  1. the ability to regulate impulses, thoughts and feelings.

Living in a vastly uncontrollable world, when we focus on the things we can control we are better able to set ourselves up for fulfillment and connection. We operate from a place of clarity and self-love.

While we will never have full control over what thoughts pop up, or what feelings arise in certain situations, we can work on how we respond to certain thoughts and feelings. Once we are aware of our emotions, thoughts and feelings it is important for us to work on our ability to control how we respond to them.

It is easy to get carried away with a thought or feeling. This can result is us getting off track, it can block us from our goals or be downright, completely demotivating. A temporary feeling like a craving for junk food, if left uncontrolled, can keep us from our goal of having a nutritional and healthy diet.

Similarly a fleeting temptation, if left uncontrolled, can have us ordering another drink even though we know we do not need it and we’ll be miserable and hungover the next day. Self-control helps us to stay on track and avoid these negative outcomes.

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