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  1. an opportunist who exploits the anxieties of others, typically by promising “quick fixes” or “miracle cures” that do not work.


By definition, opportunism is the practice of taking advantage of circumstances – with little regard for principles or with what the consequences are for others (Source). An anxportunist is someone who exploits the anxieties of others. They see other people’s anxieties as weakness and therefore an opportunity to take advantage of others. Anxiety relating to wanting something can come off as impatience, eagerness and a longing. Anxportunists find this as an opportunity to promise their anxious audience a “quick fix” or “miracle cure”.

The anxious audience is sold the quick fix (hoping it will give them their desired goal) and the anxportunist has gained benefit from selling the “quick fix” – presumably a monetary benefit. Anxportunists do not care about the well being of their clientele, so when they sell quick diet fixes or anything of the sort they are not actually helping the anxious person lose weight or reach a goal, in fact, that person is further away from their goal and now presumably with less financial resources and lower motivation.

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