Hey there, I’m Lyndsey!

I love chilled sparkling water and free people onesies…but that’s not why we are here.

I also love psychology, reading, learning, pushing the envelope, questioning the status quo, making connections and experimenting with theories, new ways of personal development and mindset shifts.

And this is exactly how I got into remission for c-ptsd, high functioning anxiety and high functioning depression, maintain a 40 lb weight loss for almost 10 years, became a first generation college grad and created a successful career.

…what can I say? I’m an overachiever who loves to learn and read.

And I want to share the things I’ve learned and the techniques I’ve used (and created) to help you improve your life in an approachable and fun environment.

I know how scary, overwhelming and lonely personal development can be—especially with the magnitude of resources out there. (And let’s be real, there is a lotttt of shitty and repetitive “advice” floating around.) 

I want to help you get on the right track and set yourself up for success, which will make you feel good and improve your life, which will help society. As Michael Scott would say, “it’s a win, win, win”.

You don’t need to have my experience to benefit from what you’ll learn here. Because the info and techniques are for anyone who wants to improve their life, focus on their development, has a goal they want to achieve or simply just wants to feel better.

Here you will learn the basics of personal development (that others ignore) and innovative and proven techniques that will set you up for success.

Don’t know where to go next? Start here

xx, Lyndsey