If You’re Gonna Talk Shit, Say It to My Face

Talking shit, gossiping, or talking badly about others is something we are subjected to all throughout our lives, to the point it may seem normal. When we were kids we could hear our parents talking trash on neighbors and relatives, in school we witnessed kids gossiping about others, and as adults the gossip and trashContinue reading “If You’re Gonna Talk Shit, Say It to My Face”

3 Ways to Overcome Rejection Confidently

Simply put, rejection sucks. And while we may try to push it away or avoid it, we will constantly get rejected throughout our lives—no matter what we want. I mean, unless you lock yourself in your house and become a hermit. Anyway… Similar to other strong emotions, the best thing to do when feeling rejectedContinue reading “3 Ways to Overcome Rejection Confidently”

3 Ways to Awareness and Why You Need It

In order to successfully navigate life we need to be aware of who we are. This includes having a strong understanding of our thoughts and emotions and how we manage them. Unfortunately, we aren’t encouraged or taught how to be self-aware. Instead, we are encouraged to ignore our emotions and we are taught unproductive thinkingContinue reading “3 Ways to Awareness and Why You Need It”

You’re Likely Overlooking this Key Aspect of Successful Weight Loss and Personal Development

Marketers in the diet industry will tell you that losing weight is quick and easy. It’s not. Which is why the diet industry has a 95% failure rate. The trend of “get results at lighting speed” has transgressed into the self-help movement which makes promises it can’t deliver. So a well-intention person who simply wantsContinue reading “You’re Likely Overlooking this Key Aspect of Successful Weight Loss and Personal Development”

5 Steps to Effective Anger Management

“Rage that has nowhere to go is redirected against the self, in the form of depression, self-hatred, and self-destructive actions.” Bessel Van Der Kolk, M.D. “The Body Keeps the Score” If you are human living in 2021 it’s likely you are encouraged to stuff down your emotions or you weren’t allowed to express your emotionsContinue reading “5 Steps to Effective Anger Management”

The Most Important Self-Care You’re Not Doing… and It’s Free!

Free self-care can’t be commercialized so it isn’t publicized. But there something to be said for self-care that doesn’t cost a dime.

Ghosting Is Drama. Here’s How We Stop It.

Ghosting is drama. People who ghost are drama. If we want to protect ourselves we need to take a different approach to ghosting.

Saying No. How I Did It and 7 Tips to Help You Do It Too

Saying “no” can be self care. It can free us from being a disgruntled giver and improve every area of our lives. It can also help us form connections, get on the right frequency, and show ourselves that we are deserving. It’s self love y’all! “The greatest love of all.”- Whitney Houston Unfortunately, some ofContinue reading “Saying No. How I Did It and 7 Tips to Help You Do It Too”