How to Not Give a Fuck – Audio & PDF Workbook with 25 Prompts to Help You Care Less About the Things That Don’t Matter

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This downloadable workbook is accompanied by an MP3 audiobook read by the author. Great for anyone who is stressed and worn our from caring too much or who no longer wants to give a fuck. You’ll be guided through 25 writing prompts and given invaluable information, hack and techniques to help you make a lasting change.

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Would you like to not worry so much about the things that don’t matter?
Would you like to not worry so much in general?
What about not caring what people think?
Or maybe you want to stop being a people pleaser and putting yourself last?
Or perhaps you want to be less socially anxious?

Then you are in the right place.

I can relate to how you feel. I wanted to care less too. But I was a lost and hopelessly confused people pleaser with social anxiety who would stress about anything and everything. When I learned how to not give a fuck I didn’t realize I was even doing it.

People would come up to me and say they loved my “I don’t give a fuck attitude.” And I realized I wasn’t as anxious and I definitely didn’t care as much about what people thought.

Now I want to share my technique and how I stopped caring and worrying about the things that didn’t matter. These techniques are a result of research and self-experimentation while I worked to overcome depression and anxiety. And I want to share what I learned with you so you can stop caring and worrying so much, too.

This workbook will help you grasp everything in a low pressure environment where you will be given (and give yourself) permission to be who you are, acknowledge you aren’t broken and then move on to not giving a fuck. It utilize CBT, REBT, NLP and EQ building techniques. As well as teachings from Stoicism (that dude Tim Ferris talks about them).

What’s included:

2 PDF File Sizes: A4 (21 x 29.7cm) & US Letter (8.5 x 11in)
Audio Book: MP3 | 31.1 MB | 24:26 mins
Pages: 21
Prompts: 25
Style: Clean style with guided notes
Quotes From: Hank Green, Will Smith, Daniel Franzese

How it works:

After purchase you will instantly receive links to an MP3 file with audio and 2 PDF sizes of the Workbook. Links will also be sent to you via email.

Please note this is a digital item and you will not be sent a physical copy.

About the Author:

Hey there! I’m a certified Master Mindset Coach with certifications in CBT, REBT, EQ and NLP. More importantly, I’ve been there. I’ve dedicated the last decade to improving myself and I’m overcoming depression, anxiety and c-ptsd. The current resources out there are good but I found a lot of gaps. I found I could fill those gaps when I learned about psychology, mindset and thoughts. Now, I want to share what I learned to help you! All in a compassionate environment. I cut out the fluff and give you actionable advice that works.

10 reviews for How to Not Give a Fuck – Audio & PDF Workbook with 25 Prompts to Help You Care Less About the Things That Don’t Matter

  1. scarlotcamero

    Found this site from linkedin. There weren’t any reviews yet so I took a shot. Happy I did. I like that the audio is included so I can listen and not look at a screen. She slipped up a little in the recording but I didn’t mind it. I like how she says “cultivate my field of fucks.” Excited to test out the techniques.

  2. Devon

    What a great idea! I’ve never seen a workbook like this with audio so I had to try it out. Great idea and great execution. I really like the prompts and how she spun things. Learned a lot in a short period and realized I was caring too much about things I couldn’t control. After you put in your cc info the workbook file pops up on the screen and you can download. I got an email with the workbook attached too.

  3. Dan Conner

    This workbook was like nothing I’ve tried before. I like how it got straight to the point. And the author is very relatable. I learned a lot and realize how everything boils down to thoughts and how we see things. Would like if it were lower in price.

  4. glenl19

    I like how she discussed the difference between caring and not giving a f*** and how we get it confused. It felt like she was giving me permission to care and to not give a f***. I feel more relaxed now and things don’t bother me as much.

  5. Ava D.

    I love the workbook and articles on this site. The audio did seem to need editing so I took off a star for that. Besides that I learned a lot and I’m excited to implement what I learned so I can “not give a f*ck”

  6. Anne

    Good content but she says the f word a lot. The profanity took away from the otherwise interesting message.

  7. Linda Whitney

    It feels like a conversation with a best friend. Very interesting take on the subject. Prompts were insightful and made me think. Like the conversational tone of the audio. Didn’t read the workbook and just listened.

  8. Scott

    Never heard someone outline things like this before. She made the topic easy to understand and I definitely realize my “careometer” was way off. Don’t have a printer so I listened to the recording and wrote down my answers on a sheet of paper.

  9. Jamie

    Really like her voice. Made me laugh while I was working on things. Definitely felt approachable and I like the style of making things easy and relatable to understand. Saved to my phone and will be listening again.

  10. Stephanie

    Cool workbook. She breaks everything down in an easy format. I felt like she was talking directly to me. As a people pleaser this is definitely helping me to shift my focus and have more control. I noticed there were some mistakes in the audio but not enough to be distracting. I actually liked it because it made it feel more relatable.

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